Weepy Old Killer
Weepy Old Killer
Chapter Title Weepy Old Killer
Cover Mihai Mihaeroff


Volume 0
Pages 17
Gun Smoker

Weepy Old Killer is the first chapter of Dogs: Stray Dogs Howling In The Dark.


Mihai Mihaeroff returns to the city to confront his former student Ian, who killed Mihai's lover, Milena; and Ian's father, a crime boss and Mihai's former employer. Upon arrival, he meets up with Kiri, who was friends with Mihai, Milena and Ian. While Mihai prepares himself overnight at the Buon Viaggio (Kiri's new restaurant), Ian learns of Mihai's presence. The two meet at Milena's grave, just as an assassin targeting Ian shoots him. The assassin wounds Ian and Mihai, who both kill him. Before he dies with Mihai and Kiri by his side, Ian admits he killed Milena because he did not want to lose Mihai, who he saw as "more of a father than my real father was"; and Mihai admits he was afraid of losing Ian. Sometime later, a boy (apparently bribed by the late assassin) purposefully runs into Mihai, reopening his wounds. Recovering in a back alley, he says: "It's not my time to die. Right, Milena? Right...Ian?"