Volume 7
Volume 7
Volume Information
Title Volume 7
Pages 204
Release Date February 19, 2012
JP ISBN 978-4088792637
US ISBN 978-1421549187
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Volume 7 is the seven volume of the Dogs: Bullets & Carnage series.


  1. "Naoto & Magato I"
  2. "Naoto & Magato II"
  3. "His Past & Principle"
  4. "Sister & Sister I"
  5. "Sister & Sister II"
  6. "Cave & Terror I"
  7. "Cave & Terror II"
  8. "Prisoner & Usurper"
  9. "Stray dog & Wild dog I"
  10. "Stray dog & Wild dog II"


Naoto, Magato, Fruhling, and Heine all gathered in one place. It is now certain that the other Naoto' is indeed Fruhling. What will Naoto do after learning the truth about the attack on her back when she was a child buried deep within her memories? Newbauten the head of the city adminstration issues the order to issolate the underground districts cutting off the railway communication with the surface. Having realised his intention, Einsturzen head of the underground falcity finally makes her move.