Volume 6
Volume 6
Volume Information
Title Volume 6
Release Date February 18, 2011
JP ISBN 978-4-08-879111-1
US ISBN 978-1421541723
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Volume 6 is the Sixth volume of the Dogs: Bullets & Carnage series.


  1. "Chaos & Netherworld I"
  2. "Chaos & Netherworld II"
  3. "Monarch & Trickster I"
  4. "Monarch & Trickster II"
  5. "Cage & Puppies I"
  6. "Cage & Puppies II"
  7. "Cage & Puppies III"
  8. "Cage & Puppies IV"
  9. "Cage & Puppies V"
  10. "Cage & Puppies VI"


With the city still reeling in the aftermath of the cataclysm, Giovanni makes his move and goes after the director. But the outcome of the confrontation is not at all what he expected. The director himself has deep ties to the underground research facility that Giovanni and Heine were raised in, where they were forced to fight over and over again in Einstürzende's hellish experiments. Finally the full story emerges of what happened in that killing field so many years ago.