Volume 3
Volume 3
Volume Information
Title Volume 3
Pages 192
Release Date June 19, 2008
JP ISBN 978-4-08-877076-5
US ISBN 978-1-42-152781-9
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Volume 3 is the third volume of the Dogs: Bullets & Carnage series.


  1. Darkness & Troopers I
  2. Darkness & Troopers II
  3. Darkness & Troopers III
  4. Mangler & Prodigy I
  5. Mangler & Prodigy II
  6. Blind Bishop & Strongest Elder
  7. N & N
  8. R & R


After Luki and Noki confirm the existence of another person who carries the same blade as Naoto, the train that Mihai's on is attacked by a group of inhuman shock troops. As he fights against them, their leader is confronted by none other than Bishop. Meanwhile, back at the church, Heine begins to reveal to Badou and Naoto the terrible history of his "collar" and his childhood below.