Volume 2
Volume 2
Volume Information
Title Volume 2
Pages 192
Release Date August 19, 2007
JP ISBN 978-4-08-877076-5
US ISBN 978-1-4215-2704-8
Volume Guide
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Volume 2 is the second volume of the Dogs: Bullets & Carnage series.


  1. "Grudge & Regret"
  2. "Silver & Steel I"
  3. "Silver & Steel II"
  4. "Pink & Black I"
  5. "Pink & Black II"
  6. "Pink & Black III"
  7. "Pink & Black IV"
  8. "Pink & Black V"
  9. "Pink & Black VI"
  10. "Hardcore Twins"


The end of the fierce gun battle, Giovanni left the original Heine left a profound .... On the other hand, Chokukatana that came to see the church, information collected from blunt pastor in confession room for some reason. I was looking for a man with a sword same as you. Blood of fate without the place to go for "dog" who starts to flow .... Ruki & Noxiustoxin big success! ?


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