Magato Fuyumine
冬峰・曲刀 / Fuyumine Magat
Magato Fuyumine
Gender ♂ Male
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Assassin
First Appearance
Debut Blade Maiden

Magato Fuyumine is voiced by Takeshi Kusao on the Drama CD and the anime adaption.



He openly displayed an aggressive attitude toward the man and when he later kills Fuyumine.


Dogs: Stray Dogs Howling In The DarkEdit

He was taken in and trained by the swordsman Fuyumine under circumstances similar to Naoto's. When Naoto learns of Fuyumine death, she beats him in a fight. Magato is the one who tells her about the "other Naoto" who carries a katana similar to Fuyumine's.

Dogs: Bullets & CarnageEdit

He is seen working as a hired assassin, although he tends to kill his clients.