Ernst Rammsteiner
エルンスト・ラムシュタイナー / Erunsuto Ramushutainā
Ernst Rammsteiner
Gender ♂ Male
Hair Colour White
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Priest
Affiliation Church
First Appearance
Debut Stray Dogs Howling In The Dark

Ernst Rammsteiner (エルンスト・ラムシュタイナー, Erunsuto Ramushutainā), known as Bishop (ビショップ, Bishoppu), is blind and the only priest in an old Underground church. He is voiced by Toshihiko Seki on the drama CD and in the OVA.


Bishop has long, straight blond hair styled in a hime cut (reflecting the fact that he's a priest), wears sunglasses over his blind eyes, and has a Kerberos collar on his neck. He wears a cassock and a clerical collar. He also carries a cane that conceals a blade.


Bishop is blind and the only priest in an old Underground church. Though he is blind, he claims to be able to "see" using his other senses and has quite the Lolita complex, which he feeds through the dresses he gives Nill to wear. Bishop is also a swordsman of remarkable skill and is described by Heine as the church's strong "guardian". He was the second person to receive the Kerberos Spine and somehow escaped, and has a collar similar to Heine's on his neck.



Heine respects and trusts Bishop's skill as a guardian of the church but refers to him as a "Lolicon Priest." They've known each other for a long time.


Bishop takes care of Nill, giving her a home at the church and clothes to wear. He is also protective of Nill but sometimes embarrasses her by showing off how cute she is.


Naoto sought his help at the start of her search for the "original Naoto." She doesn't mind him but tells him that he sounds a bit shady. They both share a protectiveness of Nill.


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Bishop keeps a blade sheathed in his cane.



  • Heine keeps his weapons hidden in Bishop's church
  • Ernst is a German name


  • "Even though I can't see them, would you please stop hiding your guns in my church?"
  • "I've been at this job for years, and the only reason I can think of for why [God] has never revealed Himself to me... Is that He probably hates my guts."
  • "I'm just a regular, boring old priest."
  • "Oh, and... My booth is always open for regular business. Let me tend to the heartfelt cries of your lost soul."