Gender ♀ Female
Personal Status
Status Alive
Affiliation Badou Nails
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 32 (Bullets & Carnage)


She has light colored long hair and blank eyes. She wears round shaped glasses and a shoal tied around her neck.


While remaining passive to Badou, she mourned over Badou's brother's death for a long time. She seems to confuse Badou for Dave at times.




Dogs: Bullets & CarnageEdit

She appears in Chapter 32, welcoming Badou in her place, saying it brings back memories. Badou says his brother used to come broke but always demand cigarettes or something. Daniella mentions that Badou would still accompany him. Badou complains that in the end he would get stuck paying the bill. She laughs and says that thanks to Badou, she's able to make a fair amount of money. She then says that badou is just like him, never planning things carefully and always getting chased by thugs. Badou then remembers how Dave died. Daniella then refers Badou as Dave, telling him he treats Badou as a kid and he shouldn't try to give his little brother too much trouble giving him a lollipop. Badou goes with it.



Quotes Edit

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