Campanella Frühling
カンパネルラ・フリューリング / Kanpanerura Furyūringu
Campanella Frühling
Gender ♀ Female
Personal Status
Status Alive
Affiliation Angelika Einstürzen
First Appearance
Debut Pink & Black III

Campanella Frühling (カンパネルラ・フリューリング Kanpanerura Furyūringu) is a woman who works for Einstürzen and controls her small army consisting entirely of genetic experiments. She has her own set of motives, including revenge. She wears a pin striped suit. She and her army carry katana whose hilts are similar to the one Naoto carries. In chapter 60, she was revealed as the original Naoto.




Dogs: Bullets & CarnageEdit

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